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March 23, 2018
Chairman & CEO Dr. Kurt M. Campbell on How the Trump-Kim Summit Outcome Hinges on South Korea

The Korea Herald

WASHINGTON — South Korea will have a large role in determining the success of a planned summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a former senior US diplomat said Monday.

Kurt Campbell, who served as the top US diplomat for East Asia during the Barack Obama administration, said the recent flurry of diplomacy with North Korea could set the stage for South Korea’s rise.

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March 12, 2018
President Nirav Patel and Abraham Denmark on Why Tough Diplomacy is America's Best Bet with North Korea

The National Interest

The Washington foreign-policy community’s reactions to President Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been a mix of surprise and criticism. While the surprise is certainly justified, it’s time to offer credible and practical ideas for him and his team rather than bromides of conventional wisdom. The old rule book has gone out the window, for better or worse. We have no other option but to give the process a chance and be part of the solution.

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March 8, 2018
The Asia Group Launches Asia-Focused Podcast, Tea Leaves

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 8, 2018) – The Asia Group announced today the launch of Tea Leaves, a new podcast that will focus on the current affairs, foreign policy, business, and arts of Asia. The podcasts’ hosts, Dr. Kurt M. Campbell and Ambassador Richard Verma, will lead a series of revealing interviews with policymakers, business leaders, journalists, and artists exploring the most dynamic and consequential region in the world. 

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February 13, 2018
Chairman and CEO Dr. Kurt M. Campbell and Ely Ratner on "The China Reckoning"

Foreign Affairs

The United States has always had an outsize sense of its ability to determine China’s course. Again and again, its ambitions have come up short. After World War II, George Marshall, the U.S. special envoy to China, hoped to broker a peace between the Nationalists and Communists in the Chinese Civil War. During the Korean War, the Truman administration thought it could dissuade Mao Zedong’s troops from crossing the Yalu River. The Johnson administration believed Beijing would ultimately circumscribe its involvement in Vietnam. In each instance, Chinese realities upset American expectations.

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February 11, 2018
Vice Chairman Ambassador Rich Verma and Ambassador Nirupama Rao on How Smart Diplomacy is the Key to U.S.-India Relations

The Indian Express

Ex-India ambassador to US Nirupama Rao and former US ambassador to India Richard Verma talk about the rise of China and ways to get it to “play by the rules”, reflect on the “shifting” role of US, discuss the next steps in India-US ties after the civil nuclear deal, and underline the need for job creation, inclusive economics.

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